Corrie and Phil,

Thanks for an interesting thread, I feel sad it is closed, so unable to find continuation elsewhere I'm re-starting here, by ASSUMING that Corrie is more interested in emerging knowing "how ... when" - but please feel free to place this where it needs to go if it goes in another space ;-)

I feel David's "how do you know ..." related to his interest literally in how people did know - this thinking would be a clear, early sign of his move into emergent knowledge, after which he dropped the "how ... know" form for the "what ... know" - maybe because the "how" is a verb form which has to be nominalised to turn into metaphor whereas the "what" goes direct to the knowing. This is guess-work, though.

As you're both aware, with the "analogue forms", "momentum" and "cultural conditioning" that I'm interested in, I have been trying out the the "how" word also - at the clean conference, we tried

"and how could [pronoun] be [verb]ing about ...?"

So, as a generalised form of question-asking about processing-knowing, we might have:

"and [how/what/where/when/why] could [pronoun] be [verb]ing [about/when/before/after/now/...] ...?"

For example:

"and how could you be knowing when to ask the next question?"

or compare this with:

"and how could you know when to ask the next question?"
"and how do you know when to ...?"
"and how are you knowing when to ...?"
"and when you are, how are you knowing when to ...?"
"and knowing ..., how are you knowing ... when ...?"

Like Phil - I think - I'm trying out experientially the different ways of asking to find out for myself how it might work, for what feels a useful asking of "how-know-when".

What do you guys think? What questions might you ask, emergently, to emerge Corrie's interest in "the when of the how-know"?