Who are Penny Tompkins and James Lawley?

Reproduced with thanks from Penny and James' site www.cleanlanguage.co.uk

"We attended our first David Grove workshops and healing retreats in 1995. We were so impressed by what they saw and what we personally experienced that we decided to identify what David Grove was doing that was so effective.

"Over the next three years we used a process called modelling. This involved observing him work with clients (including our selves) and spending hour after hour poring over recordings and transcripts. We looked for patterns in the relationship between what he was doing and the way clients responded that contributed to the changes they experienced.

"These patterns were integrated into a generalised model which we tested and fine tuned - cycling through observation, pattern detection, model construction, testing and revision many times.

"While our model is based on David Grove's work and incorporates many of his ideas, he has a different way of describing his approach. Our model was derived more from our observation of him in action than from his explanation of what he does.

"It was also shaped by our desire for others to learn the process easily and for it to apply to a range of contexts in addition to psychotherapy (such as education and business).

As well as employing many of David ideas, we have also drawn upon cognitive linguistics, self-organising systems theory, evolutionary dynamics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

"The result, a process called Symbolic Modelling, is fully descrbed in our book Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling (The Developing Company Press, 2000)."

Penny Tompkins and James Lawley