Who is David Grove?

David J Grove, M.S. is a New Zealander whose unique psychotherapeutic approach, experience and style make him one of today's most skilful and innovative therapists.

In the 1980s he developed clinical methods for resolving clients' traumatic memories, especially those related to child abuse, rape and incest. He realised many clients naturally described their symptoms in metaphor, and found that when he enquired about these using their exact words, their perception of the trauma began to change.

This led him to create Clean Language, a way of asking questions of clients' metaphors which neither contaminate nor distort them. David Grove documented his approach in Resolving Traumatic Memories: Metaphors and Symbols in Psychotherapy (co-written with Bazil Panzer. Published by Irvington, New York, 1989).

David Grove continued to develop his approach and pioneered the clinical side of the Healing the Wounded Child Within movement in America producing a number videos and audio tape sets (which are unfortunately no longer available).

During the 1990s his interests widened to include the examination of nonverbal behaviour, perceptual space and inter-generational trauma resulting in a therapeutic approach which integrates four domains of experience -- semantic/cognitive, somatic, perceptual space, geneolgical -- and produces profound healing (see our Interview with David Grove and David's Resolving Problem Domains Through Metaphor Therapy ).

His latest innovation is Clean Space enbles people to use physical space to sort out and change what goes on in their mental space.

David conducts seminars, workshops and healing retreats around the world (visit www.davidgrove.com ). Because he is constantly developing new ideas and creative methods, his published articles and transcripts should be considered as historical documents and not necessarily representative of what he is doing today.

Reproduced with thanks from Penny Tompkins and James Lawley's site www.cleanlanguage.co.uk

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