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    So the silver lining of yesterday's cloud is this:

    Cops and Robbers
    Teacher and naughty children
    TA Scripts
    Cowboys and Indians
    Goodies and Baddies
    Sex games

    Other than the obvious that scripts like Little Red Riding Hood are already metaphorised - and I've seen enough clients wearing red-hooded cloaks to now know that cause of the TA models and the child lost in the woods in the fairy story book:

    Here is my question: Has anyone used Clean Language to facilitate the resolution/escaping of games? What worked and how?

    The "Emerging the Inner Child" workshops with David and using Emergent Scaling with pulling back have seen some success, and yet there is more to be learned maybe?

    What I'm wondering is this: the child escapes adjacently from the experience; identifying with a story and "going into it"; then living a life script according to that story. It makes no sense (to me) that TA would have arisen without archetypal stories resonating to give messages and understanding about life's darker side. So, there is probably a time and place to migrate from emergence to metaphor development with certain kinds of clients.

    So this thread is more about the "big picture" of combining the different aspects of Clean Facilitation as opposed to the details of how individual aspects of Clean work.

    Please do respond with experiences, what works, what's been tried, what has not worked, etc

    Thanks, Steven

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    "If you want to get something done" ... either "do it for yourself" or "get a busy person to do it" ...

    It is done, finally. We have a new form of working with metaphor. It has taken its time, but now we have an emergent form that works with the present signals, and we know how to connect it with the inner child work. Anyone wanting to play is welcome to some experimental workshopping, just ask.


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