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    Default Clean Space by Phone

    We took advantage of the fact that we had a small group of experienced participants to experiment with Clean Space by phone. Don't mock! It worked brilliantly, and proved to have some advantages over the more conventional approach.
    • The client was in their own home, surrounded by their own things, so the space was already 'psychoactive' to some extent
    • The client didn't need to make room, physically, for a facilitator, giving them more freedom to use the space they were in
    • The facilitator had only auditory cues to guide them, so was almost forced to be cleaner. This seemed particularly true when the facilitator had no knowledge of the room the client was using.
    It reminded me of a demo I did at Summer School, where myself and the client were both miked up, so I didn't need to follow the client around in order to communicate. But the phone version was even more useful, at least on this small sample.

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    Default Phone sessions

    Hi Judy,
    One of the interesting things Iíve found about metaphor work is the familiarity of the environment the client works in. So if the client is working from home (on the phone) the manifested psychoactive space will be quite different to one in a neutral space.
    Familiar items will hold a charge, historical from an event or person etc.
    This will influence the metaphors they form and the progress of the session.
    Iíve used phone sessions to do emergence work and Iím conscious of this fact.
    Iím not making a judgement here whether its good or bad just an observation.

    When Iím doing a phone session there is awarenessís other than visual that can be used. It would be interesting to compare notes on this forum!
    Phone sessions
    Listening to the client, their words, emphasis, tones, the flow and type of linguistics they use.
    I learn a lot from the noises and sounds (other than linguistics) they make.

    Any others?

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    Here's a strange thing - I realised today while speaking to Sheena and Noemie (who were both on the call) that I had completely forgotten what my desired outcome as client for this piece of work had been. I remembered lots of other things - the names of the spaces, where they were, how they related to each other - but not the outcome. And when they reminded me, I could hardly believe that was what I was working on, it seemed so alien.

    It's not that the problem has gone away - it hasn't - but the piece of work was so much about the space and my relation to it, that the outcome seems very trivial by comparison.

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    Default Clean Silence?

    I was practising facilitating in French a few months back in a 3-way call with Noemie and Nadine. Noemie was client, Nadine was observing and making notes on my French and facilitation. Several times during the session, Noemie paused for quite long periods, apparently processing before replying. Then one pause went on for what seemed like ages - several minutes. In the end I asked a couple of clean questions - no response. Finally, I asked 'Noemie, are you there?' No - the line had gone dead without us hearing it!

    At around the same time Nadine's mobile phone started ringng - it was Noemie - her line had gone dead too, also without her realising. She had continued to process and I think even said a little before realising.

    Once we had stopped laughing, we reconnected 3-way and finished the session - with shorter gaps this time.


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