I've been using a limited version of Training Attention's 'setting states formula' in meetings with people completely new to clean language. I'm not 'ultra clean' rapport is always my first port of call. The results so far have been fabulous. Shorter, more effective meetings, more buy in around the table, an easy way to check in the outcomes achieved at the end of the meeting.

I used it a couple of weeks ago with 5 people who were designing an away day. The answers were not necessarily in metaphor but a couple of clean questions from me quickly helped them to expand and make clear their answers.

A if this meeting were to be really useful it will be like what?

Use 3/4 clean questions to expand their answer.

(Supplementary q's how will you know? What will be happening? What won't be happening? What will we have by the end of the meeting?

Put the outcomes up on the top of the white board to keep them present during the meeting. Everybody was then aware of the values and the kinds of info important to other. It gives a context for the kinds of questions and comments different members are about to bring up.

Again, it works even better if the team has gone through the Metaphors@Work process.

Let me know if you use it. (appropriately referenced please)