Has anyone come across articles by Paul Thagard, “Professor of Philosophy, with cross appointment to Psychology and Computer Science, and Director of the Cognitive Science Program, at the University of Waterloo”, Canada. http://cogsci.uwaterloo.ca/Articles/Pages/TOC.html

He seems to haved an interest in metpahor though refers to it more as analogy.

I was just trying out search engines mentioned in yesterday’s Observer (www.teoma.com & www.mooter.com ) when my eye was drawn to an something by him. Several of his articles were available on line. I won’t have time to study them until after Easter but perhaps someone could report back with a shelled brazil of wisdom before then.

Some of the titles that caught my attention were:

Empathy and Analogy
Emotional analogies and analogical inference
Medical analogies: why and how
Epistemological metaphors and the nature of philosophy
Self-deception and emotional coherence

Paul Burns