I get on the tram and take the last seat available. Next to me a woman is crying. The guardian angel in me awakes and I ask her what is the matter in a soothing tone.

She says she does'nt speak my language, so I switch to English.

She is lost.

I ask her where she needs to go.

To The Hague.

I tell her we are already in The Hague, so where about in The Hague?

She mentions a large concrete building and supermarket. I frown and tell her we have quite a few of them here.

I mention the names of all supermarkets, but she says it is privately owned.

I ask her about the concrete building: does it have a shape?

She mentions shoe-shaped building.

I suspect it is downtown.

I ask her how she got here.

She got on the tram; the driver let her in without a ticket, because she was upset.

What happened before she got on the tram?

She was with a friend in the McDonad and lost her.

Did she get there by tram as well? How many minutes had they travelled by tram?

About half an hour.

The driver looks around the corner and says she needs to go to Central Station and he is not going there.

I promise him I'll take her there.

When we get out she recognises the environment and mentions a fountain that is coming out of the ground.

We have only one of them, so now we're getting somewhere.

Then she recognises the odd-looking statue in front of the city-hall.

She knows she got there in a straigthe line.

I walk her to the Central Station and she is confident where she needs to go.

I point to the information desk in case she gets lost again and we say goodbye.

I realise there is somebody very worried at A right now, but they'll figure it out.