I'm having the best time with a small group of Clean Modellers, telling stories, trying out processes and uncovering principles and slowly teasing out the the model for getting a group to become a self-modelling system.

I spent this morning with Tamsin and Emily who are reporting back some of the changes they're noticing in their practise. - I'd like to start this thread to keep track of some of the differences the model is making.

T "Since learning Systemic Modelling, I'm much happier to develop all the symbols - even the darker ones - I wait for them to confess what needs to happen - I don't ask them "What is the relationship between X and Y" question so much - I develop the landscape, wait and let the symbols speak - I'm more likely to develop the 'what's between symbols' - I've realised that if it's going to have a relationship, that relationship will reveal itself. I'm just happier to be in the dark stuff and not need to be in an outcome.

E - "now I'm much happier to be in the uncomfortable stuff - it's just information and it's all great. I feel more robust and able to get myself out of drama."