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    For almost a year,I have been harried to the brink of madness.
    For a long time now,I have been damaged.
    Yet there have always been necessities,concerns,things that should be done.
    I have withdrawn from the world,there is only one need;to heal.Someone here has helped.
    I know what I need to do,I have the capacity.
    Yet there is no peace.
    There is someone,somewhere.
    They pretend to be others.
    They know where to find me.
    They float around my home in subtle form.
    They send energies.
    I am being destroyed.
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    Possibly I am getting a little better at this "lucid" dreaming thing.Four people male,somewhat muscular(I imagine this suggests a correspondance with myself)in my home they move towards me,one of them says"(my real name)seems to like bullying people",they move slightly closer,the same person says"perhaps we should bully you".
    Their voice seems familiar,It seems like someone who had asked for my address,just before this started.I would suggest that they discuss this,they have very little real world interaction with myself.
    From my perspective-that is the opposite of my personal dynamics,I am not a people person,I tend to be irritable,I will probably intimidate some people without meaning to.
    Like many people with these sorts of personality traits,I have them because of situations like the one this person seems to have brought about,and is perpetuating.

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    I am concerned about the actions of certain people,as they know
    I want them to act appropriately,and not damage others.
    There is a proper way to do therapeutic changework,it involves the other person stating their needs,then the therapist finding a way to meet these.
    Anything else is inappropriate force used against a person;in terms of personal dynamics,it tends to be regarded as an attack.
    This person has not sought information,they have my adress,they had my e-mail adress.
    This is a very familiar scenario.
    The person is stating what seems to be the opposite of the facts.
    My interpretation;many people go through situations that seem to have the same dynamics,quite often when they are too young to understand,or cope;they have,however been given a message,they tend to take on the opposite role,and pass on the message.

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    Under the circumstances,this is my means of communication,and the mode.Explain this to concept of yours to me,who am I supposed to have bullied,what actions have I made that cause you to attribute this to them.Expain this situation you seem responsible for having brought about,but are evading responsibility for.
    Explain why you present yourself as a candidate for sainthood in public,with this alleged concern for others,with yourself as an alleged champion of human rights.
    Why you also seem to have done something similar to a person who spent so much time helping others,with patience,decency and concern,and gave unfeasible excuses when asked why he suddenly shunned you,and would not speak to you.
    And why you seem to be unwilling to let others mention this,stop their voices being heard;and attack others when it cannot be seen.
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    I'm waiting.If you're still feeling coy about communicating;next time,try being vicious and sadistic,I suspect it may do you good.
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    Given that the folks hereabouts seem to be doing positive and worthy things,and that I have received no appropriate response from the person concerned at fault,I'll leave the matter after this.And given that my efforts to find some avenue of communication online have uncovered a host of others with similar sentiments,I suspect that I'd be wasting my time.The source for this bit is unverified,,but apparently you wish to be ahead of Steven Pinker in the field of psychology.I'd say a well fabricated Wikipedia entry is your only option in that regard.

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    As I've pointed out many times online,there are problems with your sort of approach.
    In contrast with any standard approach,yours fails.
    The regular client/therapist approach is appropriate to the stated needs of the client,it is appropriate to the conscious requirements of the client,it may fail,but it's form is acceptable.
    Working on a pure process level is more enabling,it addresses real needs,sufficiently well formulated processes will work brilliantly.
    The problem is that concentrating on the forces that produce change,and applying your own content usually fails,it is innapropriate and often produces a polarity response.
    Sort your own stuff first,become aware of larger scale psychodynamics.
    Actually,since you seem so fond of awarding P.C. points,at a certain time I was rather concerned about the health of Peter Tatchell,I might regard that as "bullying".
    Since you tend to incite similar actions towards yourself

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    And in your case ,appropriately;I'll point out the following:you are setting up the dynamics which may cause such a thing,most people are a great deal more congruent and consistent than yourself,they will not like threats;some people would not find yours impressive,they will however,note the hostility,and some will not consider that doing something unpleasant to you would be fairly pointless,,and in some ways,innapropriate,given that you seem somwhat deranged.
    Claims of victimhood from yourself would not change the actual situation,or prevent them from being unpleasant to you in return,and I'd say that you may not have too many
    plausible charachter witnesses to back up your claims at this point.Be nice (congruently)

    SUMMARY:even after nearly a year of using a large amount of force against me,you have accomplished nothing.
    Kemp and Austin,I assume.
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    There did seem to be a response to that last posting.
    "Power" seems rather wasted on hateful inadequates.
    To the nice folks around here,don't give out your home address,if possible.
    If you feel as though you are being watched,you probably are.
    Take note of any unusual feelings,thoughts;sensations on the "chakra points".
    To the not nice folks-a phrase from Joe Louis springs to mind.Bye for now.

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    Hi Feralchild,

    Sorry I haven't been around for a couple of days, I would have responded earlier had I known. Do you mind my responding to your postings? Is there anything you expect or need from me?

    You say: "Someone here has helped.": would you make it clear to that person, in one way or another, what he or she did to help you?

    "Yet there is no peace.
    There is someone, somewhere."

    Is there a space that invites you to go to that knows about 'peace' and 'someone'?


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