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    Default Books and Media Recommendations


    Post a new topic here with the title of a favourite book, video, CD or other media loosely related to Met, CL, CS and SyM. Optionally, include some of your reasons for recommending the item - if you do, please keep it compact.

    Note: The 'loosely related' above means that so long as you can argue some kind of relationship to things cognitive, conceptual, psychological, metaphorical, etc, even a recipe book will fit the bill.

    Beware of using long quotations of copyrighted material. Short and sweet is probably okay if you reference authors appropriately - the responsibilty for this rests with you.

    Please supply all the reference data that you know to help others get hold of the item. Ideally, we suggest a minimum of:

    Year Published

    Additional Information can help when looking for an old or out-of-print volume:

    ISBN (or other reference number)
    Where it was published
    Where you bought your copy


    If you only know the title or the author, for example, leave a post requesting more information - others on the board may have what you need.


    You may also offer people the chance to vote for your book.

    When you have finished writing your recommendation, type a Poll question in the section called "Add a Poll" below your message. Fill out at least two Poll options for people to select between (see the poll question above this message).

    An example is a Poll question of "Would you recommend this book too?" and two options: "Yes" and "No".

    You can have more than two options. For example, to rate something from 1-5 or "Excellent" to "Execrable", add in five Poll options.

    For more on Polls go to the UserGuide
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    Default Man and his Symbols by Carl Jung

    This is an often-quoted reference book for SyM, and having actually read it from cover to cover recently I was bowled over with its reference and connections to CL and SyM. This might be stating the obvious for those of you from a psychology-trained background, but me from a business / NLP history I found Jung's insights to be absolutely astounding, and it deepened my understanding of how and why CL and SyM works.

    Author(s) Carl Jung
    Title Man and His Symbols
    Publisher Pan Books
    Year Published 1978

    ISBN (or other reference number) 0-330-25321-2
    Where it was published London
    Where you bought your copy Second-hand bookshop in Plymouth

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