Great big thank you to everyone at the Research Day (1 July 2009. Topic: The SIX SPACE SYMPTOM exercise)

I had a great time and came away with lots of things to ponder as well as some valuable personal development.

I have not attended the group for maybe two years, and I was struck by the continuity of the core ethos of the group and the commitment to a shared community of practice and learning. It was also clear that the group has matured over the years: the observation and analysis was at an even higher level than I remember; the ability to hold a frame and collectively be responsible for an outcome orientation was delightful; and the discussions about differences definitely flowed more easily than during the early days. And, aside from the serious stuff there were lots of laughs and sharing of personal stories that together left me with a warm glow like a walk by the sea after a good meal on a Mediterranean summer's evening.

I want to extend a special thanks for Philip who gave birth to the group 10 years ago this October and has helped to gently guide the direction of the group ever since. Also to Sheila and Richard for continuing to host and organise the group which such efficiency and care. Having a stable base is such an asset when so much around is changing. And to everyone who has kept this group going. Ten years is a remarkable achievement.

I might have not made it clear at the end when I suggested we hold a day devoted to a '10 year review of the achievements of the group' that I would be willing to co-lead that event next year. If there is general agreement, to add to the richness of the event I would also like us to invite anyone who has been a member in the past to attend that day. For me, one of the clear learning points from the group today was the value to the client of the "recapitulation/replay/consolidation" process (I noted between us we used five or six ways of doing this). So my aim for the day, apart from celebrating what we have achieved and engaging in some interesting review processes, would be to also to have an eye on the review process its self how it works, what factors enhance it, what methods work best for whom.

Assuming the group are OK with my suggestion, please let me know if you would like to collaborate in facilitating the day.