A metaphor that comes up for me when I'm training people in acquiring 'Clean' skills:

Facilitating cleanly is like being invited as an outdoor guide to help explore this exciting landscape - and while I have not been to this particular place before, I've explored many different landscapes and bring my skills and tools to help the other(s) find out more about their landscape(s), given the specific outcomes they have for the trip or adventure.

So part of being a good clean facilitator for me entails developing the skills that will let you explore any landscape, as you never quite know what to expect (nor do your clients); to be curious as to how this particular landscape holds together and operates, and where the impetus for change could come from (if change is what is wanted); and to be grateful and incredibly respectful for getting the opportunity to travel with somebody in a space that normally wouldn't be accessible to others.

It seems to support our delegates understanding of what the process of symbolic modelling is about.

And I'm curious what other metaphors are out there!