We have some great news - great for the profile of Clean, and for Judy Rees and me: our book, 'Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds' has this week reached number one on Amazon.co.uk in the category of 'Mental Health and Illness' and is number two in 'Psychotherapy'. It is number 4 in 'Applied psychology', 20 in 'Psychology and Psychiatry' and 64 in 'Health, Family and Lifestyle'.

And it has just reached 324th best selling book over all, which is way better than our publishers thought it would do (They said getting into the top 10 000 would be good!). It is very exciting!

All this follows an article on Clean Language in a supplement of the UK Observer newspaper last Sunday. It's the first time we've had input to anything in a Sunday paper. (David Grove and Cei, his then wife, had a number of interviews and articles published in both newspapers and magazines inc. Vogue, as Cei has recently told me.)

So, there should be a whole new group of people who have encountered Clean for the first time in the last few days, and who are keen to do more. I wonder how things will unfold. The future certainly looks bright.

Warm wishes