I've just finished a taxing/fulfilling 4 days on facilitating groups. The group was a mix of absolute beginners and very very experienced clean modellers.
I want to share a couple of big insights for me as a facilitator.

1 - if your husband is on the course you're facilitating - do a clean set-up for the whole four days and then each morning otherwise you'll end up letting things escalate a little so the group can tell him off for you! Neither clean, nor pretty

2 - When you are modeling complexity such as a really skilled self-aware group to detect patterns currently outside of their awareness, keep the boundaries, tools and processes ultra clean and ultra simple.

3 - Its been 8 years since I ran the first metaphors@work course, I got more out of it this module than ever before - some things don't need changing, just to be used to their fullest extent! The better we get as a community the better we can support and challenge one another. The skills of this group made all of the difference