Scaling was a fabulous perspective (sic) on modelling and systems.

I think it fits really well with the concept David had early on in his work "What has to be true for this symptom to exist"

He was wondering about the scaling of the client, of their problem and of their attention.
What is the difference between the sense of scale of a dentist t the sense of scale of someone who models complex weather systems.

I use the ideas he shared with me to consider the scale of the client in relation to their world and aspects of their world and when they change.

I also use it when modelling an organisation/system and talking to clients to notice how they are scaling; people, money, deadlines, targets etc.

David and I discussed this during a walk in Kafia and there wasn't a specific application in mind. I talked of using it with Training Attention's 5 senses exercise, he talked of it changing through clean world's.