Clean Language on (internet) radio,

I have a radio show on, called ‘The 21-Grams Show’. On the 31st (Saturday) at 7pm (BST) Phil Swallow will be my guest talking about Clean Language, Emergence and the up coming conference.
Please encourage anyone who might be interested in CL, the conference or any of David Groves work to listen in at this time, or on the listen again feature.
It is my intention to run a live show closer to the conference (14th June) and interaction from the listeners is needed.

You can either email me questions through or during the show you can register (best to do it before the show) and use a new interweb thingy called ‘the shout box’ which is real time interaction with the show.

John Farrell
The 21-Grams Show (internet radio)
Wed 10am, Fri 11am, Sat 7pm (British Summer Time)