At Carol's suggestion, I am copying an email exchange on open source and trademarks in reference to the phrase Emergent Knowledge.

Phil Swallow

From: Phil Swallow Sent: 31 January 2008 08:12
To: Carol Wilson

Hi Carol

I have just opened a new forum on cleanforum and called it Emergent Knowledge. Someone has pointed out that it may be trade marked so I thought I'd check with you as I think David was working with you around the time that may have happened? I think I saw the ΣK (Greek letter Sigma + English letter K) construct with a ô next to it which means trade mark is being claimed but is unregistered.

I want to know whether we are safe to discuss emergent knowledge on cleanforum without fear of infringing trademark law. Do you know whether there is there a formal description anywhere of what is and what isnít included in the Emergent Knowledge description if it has been trademarked?


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From: Carol Wilson Sent: 31 January 2008 08:24
To: Phil Swallow

No problem Phil. When we first created the website I misunderstood an instruction from David and put the trademark sign on. It should not be on anything now and it is not trademarked. Emergent Knowledge is open source.


Please feel free to quote this e-mail on the Clean Forum.

Warm wishes