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    Please help us with the search -

    Many of us were David Grove's world family, with whom he stayed during his travels around the globe. As a result, many of David's things are at our various homes from when he stayed with us. David's family has already provided guidance about how to handle David's personal things. See here.

    Several of us also loaned David equipment for his innovative projects. For the items on loan, we would like everyone's assistance in identifying the location of these items so they can be returned to their owners.

    Please check to see if David left any of the loan items below and post a new thread here or send me a private message via the forum at sbriggsphd so that I can help coordinate their return.

    If you loaned items to David, add them to this forum as a new thread.

    Also, if you know or have clues about where items may be in the network, please post a reply to that item or send your information, or even best guess, so we can follow the trail.

    Much care to everyone, Steven Briggs
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