I met David only relatively recently, yet had the privilege of working with him and learning from him on several occasions. I shall always remember particularly the day I spent with several others as David developed his ideas around emergent knowledge. The conversation ranged from cosmic infinity to quantum mechanics and you never quite knew where David might turn next. A man of enormous knowledge and profound insight, David could also suddenly veer in the direction of deep silliness and enjoy a moment of chuckling fun. With grace and wit, David trod the tightrope that is the fine line between genius and eccentricity and we loved him for both.

We that met him shall miss him sorely, he gave so much and yet was always inventing – who knows what else might have emerged. Perhaps his greatest gift was to those who have been touched through the work that he did, directly and indirectly, changing peoples’ lives. No one can leave a greater legacy.

Thank you, David.

Kore rawa atu e wareware