In our last practise group we looked at how we deliver sentences in Emergence. Where they emanate from within us where they go and how they travel. This is great method for developing self-awareness as well as what the questions do for our client and us.
All words have very different meanings for each person, they come with personal experience and understanding, this is why we use clean language. It strives to minimize moving the client outside their metaphorical landscape (world) in an attempt to comprehend what the practitioner has just said. CL iterates the clients words emergence (EK) use the recursive nature of the mind and the clean questions.
Before we even get the questions we need to deliver without intention. How? This was the question at our practise group and the aspect we looked at was the delivery.
If we project the questions then we are not being clean, so how can we be clean and ask our questions(?) without projection or even intention?
This is a first step in self-awareness, where and how we are putting the questions out. More importantly where the client is receiving them. “Its not what’s said its what is heard”

I learnt that we think we are delivering a clean question and learnt what the client heard, full of intention and questioning.

“The questions are lob out for the client to accept them where and when they want to.”

We met regularly every fortnight to practise CL and EK in Somerset UK.
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John Farrell