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Thread: Code of Conduct - what you agree to when you register

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    Default Code of Conduct - what you agree to when you register

    This brief Code of Conduct document is designed to clarify the purpose of and the responsibilities of members for maintaining this purpose by setting out broad guidelines for behaviour. It isn't a legal document or a rule book. If you need the fine print, write it. We assume you probably know what acceptable behaviour is generally - and we state here what we deem is and what isn't acceptable behaviour on this forum. By 'we' we mean ALL of us on the forum, that includes YOU when you join. Please read it and become familiar with it.

    When you register with, you are agreeing with the principle intentions of the board which follow: is for:

    discussion, conversation, dialogue, talk, chat, banter, debate, brainstorming, questions, musing, rumination, reflection, thought, learning and other creative communications related to working with Metaphor, Clean Language, Clean Space and Symbolic Modelling. is NOT for:

    quarrelling, conflict, bitching, flaming, humiliation, irritating, winding up, whingeing, moaning, boring, sounding off, complaining, abusing, swearing, indecency, ‘isms’ (e.g. racism, sexism) or generally illegal, immoral or anti-social behaviour related to anything at all.

    We try to keep the forum as a place where we all feel safe and comfortable enough to discuss and to learn freely. Most of the requirements can be simply met by sticking to what one might call 'normal, socialised behaviour'. They leave ample room for idiosyncrasy and self-expression.

    if you wish to challenge the content of a post (e.g. perhaps you disagree with a conclusion that is drawn or to point out that something in the post is based on a presupposition that is not explicit), please consider VERY carefully the style of challenge you employ. Many forums on the internet are quite tolerant of aggressive challenges - this one is not.

    As a guideline, if your challenge follows a generally 'yes... and' structure, rather than a 'yes... but' or 'no, and...', you will be posting in accordance with the forum's requirements.

    If you wish to report an abuse of the forums, please email
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