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Thread: Wikipedia article on Clean Language - readers and contributors wanted

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    Default Wikipedia article on Clean Language - readers and contributors wanted

    I have rewritten the article on Clean Language on Wikipedia, since it was edited and deleted down by others because the first version sounded to promotional.

    It would be great if some of you would read it and improve on my English, as well as add and correct. It is extremely simple, and you even do not have to login. Be bold and ruthless, as they say on Wikipedia !

    Have a look on the discussion page, and feel free to put anything there, especially if you are not sure about a change or an idea.

    And also, one key distinction I started to develop on that page is one between Clean Language <-> Symbolic Modelling, where I am certainly not an expert in ... and the article on Symbolic Modelling has still to be started.

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    Default Wikipedia item

    I have posted the following to Wikipedia.
    It can be edited by almost anyone.

    Go well

    Clean Language questions are 'cleansed' of anything that 'comes from' the questioner's metaphors, assumptions, paradigms or sensations i.e.maps , that could direct the questionee's attention away from increased awareness and enrichment of hir own (metaphorical representation of) experience.

    Clean Language offers templates for questions that are free (clean) of the questioner's inferences, presuppositions, mind-reading, second guessing, inferences, references and metaphors.

    Clean questions use all (''or some'') of the speaker's specific phrasing and might also include other auditory components of the speaker's communication such as, sighs, pitch, tonality, etc.

    The questioner might also pace and mirror non-verbal signals that coincide with the client's auditory output e.g. a fist being raised simultaneously with a sigh, that might also represent elements of the client's metaphorical representation of experience.
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