What would we like to have happen at cleanforum.com?

Discussion, conversation, encouragement, dialogue, talk, chat, banter, debate, brainstorming, questions, laughter, opining, musing, rumination, challenging, reflection, thought, learning and other constructive communications related to Metaphor, Clean Language, Clean Space and Symbolic Modelling.

In the past few months, several of us have been involved in fascinating email exchanges about various aspects of Met, CL, CS and SyM, from the deeply practical to the highly intellectual.

We found these email exchanges so useful, energising and mind-expanding that we felt everyone should be able to share in them.

The emails often seemed to trigger new ideas too - yet it was hard to keep track of them. Good ideas and useful insights ideas were in danger of getting lost.

At the same time as wanting to share the ideas and engage more people in the debate, we also realised that we did not want to overload people with unsolicited email.

So cleanforum.com was born to allow access to wide-ranging, high-quality debate on all things 'clean', as it were, without subjecting any of us to a deluge of emails.

By contributing posts, replying to messages, asking questions, you will be building the board into a valuable resource, for yourself and for others.

Use it as a focus for discussions about all aspects of the Met, CL, CS and SyM world, practical and intellectual, technical and creative.

We request those of you who have some experience with Met, CL, CS and SyM, to introduce, encourage and support visitors to the board, especially those who are new to the material.

We also remind everyone that Clean Language can also work very well in the forums. :lol: