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Thread: How to REGISTER to join cleanforum

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    Default How to REGISTER to join cleanforum

    How to Register to join cleanforum

    If you wish to ask a question or post a message, join the forum by becoming a registered user. Joining is easy, involving a one-time registration process and thereafter logging in with your username and password.

    There are three parts to registration - it's easy though, just follow the instructions you get sent or shown.

    User Registration

    1. Click 'Register' button (top-right corner of the page).

    2. In the dialog box that appears, enter:

    • a username of your choice,
    • a password of your choice (twice for confirmation),
    • an active email address (twice for confirmation) - this is so we can activate your account,
    • the number code displayed in the Image Verification section - if you can't read them, click 'Refresh Image' to get a different one or the little loudspeaker symbol to use the audio verification process.
    • Adjust any other settings you want, tick the box to agree the forum rules, then click 'Complete Registration'.

    3. The system now processes your application. While it does this, you can read the forum, but you still can't post messages.

    4. Check your email inbox for mail from If it doesn't arrive, please check your spam software has not filtered it out. If necessary, instruct your spam software to allow emails from

    Account Activation

    5. When the email arrives, open it and click the link in it, as advised in the email. That confirms that the email address is correct and activates the account. However you still can't post because to protect the forum and its members, we insist on a human-to-human final check

    Administrator Validation

    6. Reply to the email, with a few words about your interest in the forum, Clean Language, etc - this is just to help us distinguish registrations from genuine people from those by spammers, hackers, robots and other ne'er-do-wells.

    7. When we have read that email, we will validate your account and you will be able to post new messages. Typically this reply happens within 24hrs - please contact us if not.

    The main reason we do it this way because unfortunately not all visitors to the site are well-intended. Some want to vandalise it. Other registrations may be by individuals or automatic systems designed to 'harvest' (steal) email addresses to sell to spammers.

    Once you have registered as a member, you can log in to with your own username and password. Being logged in means that, as well as reading posts and learning more about working with Clean, you can make your own voice heard and contribute by:

    • starting new topics (threads),
    • replying to posts in current topics,
    • voting in polls,
    • uploading attachments,
    • making requests for new forums,
    • joining 'member only' forums,
    • adding your Clean-related events to the Calendar of Events*
    • sending personal messages to other users, and
    • generally being part of the Clean Language community.

    So 'we hear you knockin'... and you CAN come in!'

    Phil Swallow

    * enabled by request to
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