Welcome to Clean-Language in Portland, OR Inner-Active Group!

  1. Michael Spandel
    Greetings and welcome! Many of the people who will be joining this group already know one another and some will be participants from Clean-Language '08. Take a moment to introduce yourself, your experience with clean and how this group can best serve you!

    Warmest regards,

  2. phil
    Hi Michael - wanted to add my welcome to members from Portland and the wider US - hope you find and contribute lots of good Clean fun in this social group and the rest of the forum! I manage the cleanforum and also train Clean processes with Marian Way. Having been involved with training Clean Language now for several years and 5 countries, I am firmly of the opinion that practising the skills you've gained is THE way to keep them - and to continue to grow them too. This social group could be a good step in that direction. Good luck!

    Phil Swallow
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