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being in a position of learner rather than expert

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Posted 1 Day Ago at 10:27 AM by caitlinwalker
I'm noticing that keeping in a position of not knowing can be exhausting.
I may have to give myself a holiday from clean.

a dirty holiday?

I find a lot of things welling up. I want to shout
- I know what you should do, leave that idiot, stop drinking and start eating proper food - You're fat because you eat 3 times as much as you need to, its hardly rocket science - you're miserable because you're an idiot and are making stupid choices - you've got more than 99 % of the world's population and you're still not happy? Give it all away, leave your job, donate your house to charity then work your way out of that. Then you'll have less time to mang on at me about how unfulfilled you feel!

Phew - thats a little better

Now back to work - modelling the clients with curiosity and respect