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Swimming in the mist

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As I have been reading many of the entries on the Clean Forum I have noticed a keen desire of mine to devour all of the bits and roots and tid bits of where and when information has been derived, developed et.

I find this interesting as I am noticing that my personal experience with clean has been a wonderful swimming in the mist - as if there are these sounds and ideas and views that live on the periphory of the mist and the mist somehow allows me to experience a deep internal connection to an innerlife teaming with, well ... with fish. Large, small, young, old, filling the oceans and all somehow wonderfully working in unison, ecologically freindly. The water is cool and dark. The mist floats over the water as I slowly float on my back and swim slowly and gently, listening exquisitly, remembering easily and enjoying thouroghly.

Hmmm. Thats nice.