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Starting up a practise group.

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Our first practise 2 weeks ago had 9 people, which I thought was a great turn out. We tossed a few ideas around. The experience is wide from clean NLP through to David and Steves latest emergence work and a few Clean Language practitioners. So it will be interesting to see what Emerges.
Iím looking at trying a few ideas around practising Emergence work, which is different to the practising manual Iíve seen form Catlin and the Developing Group.

The second meeting this week was smaller several people having other commitments. However we practise spacework. One thing that has come up in the different practise groups Iíve worked with using Emergence is the need to keep it light. Keeping to the 3ís (repeating questions in 3ís rather than 6ís) is closer to coaching and doesnít go deep and in to therapy.
Its to easy to go deep and find you are leaving the client hanging when its really about the practitioner not the client.

Next meeting in 2 weeks in Somerset.