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  1. Starting up a practise group.

    Our first practise 2 weeks ago had 9 people, which I thought was a great turn out. We tossed a few ideas around. The experience is wide from clean NLP through to David and Steves latest emergence work and a few Clean Language practitioners. So it will be interesting to see what Emerges.
    Iím looking at trying a few ideas around practising Emergence work, which is different to the practising manual Iíve seen form Catlin and the Developing Group.

    The second meeting this week was ...
  2. Pronouns

    One of David Grove's areas of interest has been around pronouns for I; that is, different words that stand for 'I' in the language that people use. Examples are 'me', 'myself', 'mine', 'my'.

    Not sure where his interest came from - maybe from a curiosity about the odd things that people say like 'I should value myself more' or 'if it were up to me, I would...' ?

    In David's current work, there is a process where different pronouns are assumed to have different perceptual ...
  3. New Clean Blog

    I have added a blog to today. Here you can bang on about clean-related stuff without needing to be bothered whether anyone is listening - I certainly shall! To misquote the film Alien...'in cleanforum no-one can hear you scream...'

    I intend to use mine as a place to capture errant thoughts about Clean Language, Clean Space, Symbolic Modellng and Emergent Knowledge. As elsewhere in the cleanforum, you are requested to be respectful of others.

    Happy ...
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