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  1. Pronouns

    One of David Grove's areas of interest has been around pronouns for I; that is, different words that stand for 'I' in the language that people use. Examples are 'me', 'myself', 'mine', 'my'.

    Not sure where his interest came from - maybe from a curiosity about the odd things that people say like 'I should value myself more' or 'if it were up to me, I would...' ?

    In David's current work, there is a process where different pronouns are assumed to have different perceptual ...
  2. New Clean Blog

    I have added a blog to today. Here you can bang on about clean-related stuff without needing to be bothered whether anyone is listening - I certainly shall! To misquote the film Alien...'in cleanforum no-one can hear you scream...'

    I intend to use mine as a place to capture errant thoughts about Clean Language, Clean Space, Symbolic Modellng and Emergent Knowledge. As elsewhere in the cleanforum, you are requested to be respectful of others.

    Happy ...