View Full Version : Clean Chess

Corrie van Wijk
08 December 2011, 01:15 PM
The concept of networks presupposes that every node has directly access to and can pass information to the neighbouring nodes and through them to their neighbours and so on, until it may return and form a loop.

I wonder however about the quality of the communication between them.

In some systems an actor can only do what it is programmed to do or allowed to: e.g. in chess the pieces are bound to rules as to what moves they can or cannot make: they can only move one step forward or move diagonially or whatever.

This restricts the ability of the network to communicate.

Likewise the brain functions in a way that some information processing regions only receive sensory data from one modality and project to one or a few other cortical areas.

This means that you'd have to map carefully how the information passes through the network and what can or cannot result from that.

I'm sure somebody has thought about that before me. Anyone any thoughts about that or suggestions for further reading?