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  1. a poem David played from his friends the Liverpool Poets
  2. quite a legacy
  3. ...as part of the French community , I send this message...
  4. Wishing, missing reminiscing
  5. In memory of David Grove
  6. Posted on behalf of Philip Harland
  7. David - wishing you Love and Peace for your new Jour-ney
  8. Posted on behalf of Jo Hogg
  9. David and the Toothpick
  10. A Māori
  11. Outrageous!
  12. David, the shoe and the British Museum
  13. Thank you David
  14. Gratitude
  15. Words that Wound
  16. Funeral Details
  17. An important notice re David's possessions
  18. From the U.S.
  19. We shall miss you
  20. From Lynne Burney and Jennifer De Gandt
  21. Back from whence he came ...
  22. Genius Lost
  23. A Thought from France
  24. David in Washington, DC
  25. A very spectacular vehicle
  26. Compilation of short tributes
  27. He left so many threads for others to follow
  28. Mischievous magician
  29. parallel funeral services all over the world?
  30. David's Phenomenal Memory
  31. what a surprise
  32. A wonderful man
  33. A sacred death - the Maori way of saying goodbye
  34. Tangi – Maori funeral practice
  35. From Sue Knight
  36. A wise and respected leader
  37. Commemoration events for David Grove
  38. Words from Bozenna for David and the project for Poland
  39. Message from Angus McLeod
  40. Music for David's Funeral
  41. Message from the french community
  42. Will O the Wisp
  43. From Steve Briggs, who shared David's last days: David's Clean World website
  44. Remembering David
  45. For David
  46. reflections on the service from Caitlin
  47. With thanks
  48. Poetics: Verse "vers" (Fr) = a turn
  49. TheDavid J Grove Memorial Trust
  50. David's most significant contribution
  51. Uncle David
  52. from Jennifer de Gandt
  53. pp Steve Briggs
  54. David's possessions
  55. from Marcia Wochner
  56. Flowers
  57. Eulogy read for David at his funeral service
  58. Thank you Phil!
  59. What would you like to have happen?
  60. offer re www.emergentknowledge.com website
  61. Unveiling of David’s Memorial Headstone
  62. A grief ago
  63. Chalice Well
  64. Tu nous manques