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  1. David Grove
  2. Where in the world is David Grove?
  3. Anecdotal experiences of working with David Grove
  4. “And when X, what happens to Y?”
  5. Setting up the 'like what?' question
  6. David's Early Work - Notes & Tips
  7. Tinnitus, inflammation and symbolic modeling?
  8. The Role of From
  9. "I don't want to cry"
  10. The Experience of Learning Clean Language
  11. quantummechanics
  12. The Self
  13. What are Mental Illnesses?
  14. Paul Thagard
  15. Your mini-routines in Clean Language
  16. Where?/Whereabouts? questions
  17. Motivations, Outcomes and Desires
  18. How often do you use Clean Space?
  19. Modelling Wanting
  20. Pediatric palliative care
  21. Clean Maslow shape
  22. Modelling: a dictionary definition
  23. Perceiver/Subject/Space of A - same?
  24. Clean Language, PTSD and Remote Video
  25. 'Follow the Clean! No, follow the Emergence!'
  26. The ethics of promoting a clean process
  27. Problem Remedy Outcome
  28. Never Teach Your Wife to Drive
  29. Keeping track of the Desired Outcome
  30. spatial location for asking clean questions
  31. The Arc of Engagement
  32. client-generated adjacency by metonomy - what might it contribute to the models ?
  33. A clean Christmas crib
  34. Physical state after a session?
  35. Clean Language edition of The Model
  36. Change Remedy?
  37. 'clean' and values?
  38. And is there anything else about 'to have happen'?
  39. clean space in business/project meetings
  40. Request for information from Nancy and Marian
  41. Is Clean homeopathic?
  42. Using clean langauge with back pain a client's perspective
  43. moved from Clean Language, PTSD and Remote Video
  44. Clean Language and Hypnotherapy
  45. Clean language in Sports Development - News
  46. In what way is A not like B
  47. Why isn't there a "What kind of things are these things?
  48. Why I don't ask "what if you could?"
  49. Synonyms
  50. What happens just before a person knows what (s)he would like to have happen?
  51. Metaphors of change
  52. Clean Language is not NLP